Thursday, February 22, 2007

Enough Already

I give up, the leftosphere can take the entire August debate and air it on MTV or the Cooking Channel or just cancel it altogether. Hell, do it American Idol style and hire Simon Cowell to run it, "Mr. Kucinich, you are not a ballerina".

More from Taylor Marsh:

But if we're being honest about the Nevada Democrats choosing Fox, you have to come to grips with the fact that our candidates are likely for it. Harry Reid and the Nevada Democrats have been seduced. The Democratic '08ers want as many different eyes on them as they can get. It's also a foreign policy crowd and a "strong on terror" audience, whatever that means, so it will benefit Biden and Richardson, though that's not to say the other candidates aren't good on foreign policy.

See your point on Biden who has been pretty supportive of keeping our troops in Iraq but um, your very obvious anti-Richardson bias does that benefit him? He's consistently called for withdrawal of troops and repeatedly urged congress to force the issue. I can live with you not liking Richardson for whatever reason but I have issues with flawed reasoning. Also with outright lying.

The west may be going Democratic, but if it is it won't be through any help from Fox.

It won't be through any help from you either. Now that you and your kindred have called everyone who doesn't fall right in with your party line every demeaning name you could think of....we love you almost as much as we love the rightosphere. Ever wonder why you keep losing the middle? This is from the bottom of my heart: fuck you, you narcissistic, leftwing version of Michelle Malkin.

I hate Fox. They don't run a single show or have a single commentator I have one ounce of respect for. That isn't relevant, millions of voters do. Short of deporting all of them to East Timor they are a fact of life you have to deal with. What's next, the Republicans boycott coverage of their debates on CNN?

Do I love this choice? Yes and no. I do see a golden opportunity here and the simple fact is that every other network declined to air this. Am I worried about the spin? Yes. There have to be some ground rules. Something you might could push for if you weren't so busy alienating everyone who isn't lockstep with you. You might be special, you aren't a big enough majority to win an election with your attitude.

I've been a democrat all of my life. Along the way I've even managed to convince a few people to go dem too. If I keep reading this kind of garbage for much longer I'll be contemplating getting a "Mc/Cain in '08" tattoo on my backside. Thanks so much for campaigning for the republican party. Sorry we'uns weren't good enuff fer you'uns.


Women on the Verge said...

Yep... zealots aren't attractive ... no matter which side of the political divide.


Not Your Mama said...

Aggravating. I'm first to admit we have more than our fair share of backwards, regressive people. Being a dem here is fighting an uphill battle. The last thing we need is some want-to-be-a-rockstar primadonna diss the percentage of the population that isn't hopeless.

cls said...

You know, Jill Derby would never have done as well as she did in CD2 if she had listened to these people. Instead, she took her case to the Rs. She even went on right-wing talk radio, and she almost pulled it off.

Like you, I talk to Republicans. I often get them to see my point of view. I got the UPS man thinking today after he delivered Hillary swag to the office. He did the old, "Oh well, I'm a Republican." And then he said, "I don't know why, that's just what I registered as. I really just vote for the person." Woohoo! I love to hear that! I got to engage him for a few minutes (you know how those guys in brown have to keep to their schedule), but I did say to him, "Well, my husband used to be a Republican too, and then I started pointing out to him that the things he really believed were not what the Republican party stood for and lined up closer to Democratic values. Eventually he changed his registration." And then I said, "What is all comes down to is you gotta do your homework and not believe everything you hear on the radio or tv." He agreed.

But, hey...he's a Republican. I guess I'm tainted now cuz I talked to him.

Not Your Mama said...

Yup, goes back to what we are supposed to be for: people.

These Las Vegas a-hats aren't for anyone and are nothing but a detriment to the party as a whole.

Where was their moral outrage when their calls-himself-a-democrat mayor Oscar wanted to make it illegal to feed homeless people?

Most of the country knows or is starting to figure out that Las Vegas is one of the meanest cities in America, and we want them to speak for our party? Don't think so.

TomCat said...

Not Mama, the last thing I would want to do is accuse Nevada Democrats of favoring the GOP, helping Bush, it anything of that nature. Your suggention that Faux sponsorship might expose Faux viewers to reality certainly has merit. Still, I question the wisdom of an act that lends creditibility to FAUX Noise as a news source. I hope progressives can respectfully disagree without fighting. The comments you quotet from the left are out-of-bounds in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well, this one is a tough one. I can see both sides.

But I still believe that old saying about lying down with dogs gets ya a case of fleas ...

Not Your Mama said...

The comments you quotet from the left are out-of-bounds in my opinion.

It's gotten much uglier than that. Regular shit-storm going on here.

I have reservations about the whole thing but in all seriousness, if the real concern is "the spin", they were going to do that anyway, regardless of what network it aired on. If it's about giving credibility to Fox, well, millions do and I don't think all the protesting in the world is going to change that.

I agree with the "lying with dogs" analogy but in NV's case it's a question of which dogs? There haven't been a lot of clean hands on any side. Las Vegas can make all the noise it wants...they have never gotten anyone elected at the state level. Las Vegas voted for Titus and what happened? We got stuck with Gibbons for a governor.
NV needs the rural vote to win. A huge percentage of those rural voters watch Fox.

The same could likely be said of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah, etc.

In any case, whether they go on as planned or another network changes their position and agrees to air it, I'll watch it and I'm done with the debate over it.

Fun as it was for a minute there are much more important issues on the table than this.

TomCat said...

NYM, I lack the perspective of your local view, but we can certainly agree that there are more important matters on the table.