Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Goin' With the Flow: More Anna Nicole Coming to a State Near You

The non-stop coverage of Anna-Nicole's death has now exceeded even my most gloomy expectations so I've decided to nominate my choice for "best Anna Nicole post".

It wasn't difficult since there was only one that took things in a unique direction. The winner is Reno and It's Discontents for Nevada is the Anna Nicole Smith of the 2008 Democratic Caucuses.

Whether you like it or not my fellow Americans, Nevada is America at both its best and its worst. Like Smith, one day you’ll find us all gussied up in our finest implant-enhanced sequined gown and the next, we’re wandering around the town drugstore in a daze and a dirty powder blue velour jump suit that makes our ass look huge. No matter how hard it is to watch sometimes, Nevada today is as American as apple pie. A look at the ratings for syndicated entertainment shows and American Idol tells you all you need to know about what Americans think is important these days. Being famous for something (anything) is the way to go. Smith was the American dream–trailer trash done good, or least done rich and famous, and as much as we wanted to look away, we couldn’t because, after all was said and done, at least part of us wanted to be like a part of her. She was fat and thin, rich and poor, unknown and famous, straight and stoned, sexy and frumpy, loved and despised, happy and miserable, all image and seemingly no substance.

Don't get too excited if you're from South Carolina, Myrna the Minx has your number too and you're Jessica Simpson.

So ignore us if you dare, just remember that while you were busy courting the Streeps, the Simpsons, and the Reeds, the heartland moved to Nevada, and along with the rest of the west, we are setting the political trends for the future of this country.

Head over and read the rest and at least have a good chuckle.