Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just Trying to Be Fair

Alrighty, I needed to laugh and John McCain and Yahoo travel guide presented me with a primo opportunity. I laughed myself silly.

In the interest of at least attempting to be fair though I'll say this: McCain was right. Three years ago. He was correct in saying that we had not deployed anywhere close to enough troops to stabilize the situation in Iraq. On that one issue he was correct but he did what nearly everyone did and did not look at the big picture.

I agreed with him, we didn't. The problem was then, and even more so now, we don't have the numbers that would be needed to do so. Even more significant is the fact that we most definitely do not have the numbers that we would need to do so for any length of time and that is key to the entire issue.

No one with the slightest comprehension of the social and political realities in Iraq is confused enough to believe that we could stabilize the nation via military presence in anything less than a generation. A generation would be the optimistic view, we'd probably be looking at several generations.

Now, is there anyone who believes we can and will maintain a troop presence in Iraq numbering in the hundreds of thousands for a period of 50 or even 10 years? I don't believe that for a minute but unless that is what we commit to we are accomplishing nothing but putting off the inevitable moment when we will be forced to accept reality and withdraw.

Yes, executions of citizens are down significantly. They are down because we have our military essentially babysitting the Iraqi police, many of who were the same people making up the "death squads". They can't run around killing the citizens with those doggone Americans watching their every move in Baghdad. Not stopping them elsewhere but in Baghdad at least it has slowed them down.

That's a good thing but now what? Stay until every Iraqi with insurgent or death squad ambitions dies of old age? Based on their previously exhibited ability to devise new and different ways to kill, maim, and torture I'm fairly certain it's only a matter of time before they figure out a new tactic to subvert our attempts to squelch the violence. Yup, I have faith in their ability to thwart all attempts at imposing civilized behaviour. No, I don't think that means all Iraqis so get off the soapbox...I'm talking about those Iraqis who have a penchant for this sort of behaviour.

In the meantime we have a whole new generation growing up in this nightmare. I have to go back to my background in mental health. A person's prognosis is largely based upon their baseline, baseline being the optimum level of functioning that person achieved prior to becoming ill. It's nearly impossible to return a person to a better state of functioning than they had before their troubles began. So what do you suppose the baseline for Iraq's children is? Murder and mayhem and hate for every other religious or ethnic group and especially the Americans.

You see why I say it would take generations for a military presence to stabilize the country?

Is Iraq going to sink into chaos if we leave? Most likely, yes. Is it going to anyway? Most likely, yes. Is it possible to at least soften the blow with diplomacy? Maybe.

There's the other insurmountable obstacle. This administration cannot negotiate effectively with anyone. Not even if they really, really wanted to. No one on the planet likes, trusts, or respects them except for the roughly 20% or 30% of westerners who believe the earth is only 8,000 years old and are secretly hoping we'll just kill all of the middle easterners and have done with it.

If the rest of us are truly interested in saving as many lives as possible both American and Iraqi we have only one possible course of action. Impeach Bush and Cheney. If we truly had looked at the "big picture" we would have already done so. Getting them out and appointing an interim government to begin diplomatic negotiations is the only logical course of action.

Well, that's assuming we actually do care about the situation for more reasons than as a bone of political contention.


United We Lay said...

I have to keep telling myself that transition of power will be a good thing. In truth, I feel like this campaign is going to be disgusting and the next guy won't be any better than the last, even if the Republicans DON'T rig the election this time.

United We Lay said...

I don't think anyone really cares about this war except for the people who have been convinced that we're doing it so that we can fight the terrorists there instead of here. How can they possibly believe that??? We should not be in Iraq, and if we're going to stay, we should at least know WHY we're there.

Not Your Mama said...

Naturally the campaign will be disgusting, always is. I'm a little more hopeful about the next guy, or gal as the case may be, it would be difficult to avoid being "less terrible".

I doubt very many people believe us being in Iraq is "protecting" our safety. I think it's more a case of not being able to reach any kind of consensus on how to extricate ourselves and lack of a leader to make the decision.

Vigilante said...

You're absolutely point-on, NY Mama. Whatever is to be done, we have to have honest, trustworthy, and competent hands on the helm - some one who is not preoccupied with covering their ass but in addressing the national interests of the American people (and that includes, of course, generations to come). The hands on the helm of our ship of state are the blood-stained hands of war criminals. Nothing - NOTHING - can be accomplished until they are relieved of command.

TauRaven said...

I do agree with all you said , I only add that perhap we should realize the rest of the world don't want our type of democracy...I mean it works so well for us...(sarcasm).

On the other hand I would like to invite you and alll to a newbie blog that I am still learning...http// come see and talk.

Not Your Mama said...

Hello TauRaven and thanks for stopping in, will definitely come visit.

TomCat said...

Bingo, NYM. Bush has as much credibility as an outed gay hooker at a Pentecostal prayer meeting in Alabama.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

We simply must get the order right. vigilante is on the right track. Replace the Commander and Chief first (by impeachemnt or election).

Get someone who can negotiate and who has the respect of other world leaders.

Then, and only then, solve the Iraqi equation. New Commander and Chief. New Generals. New strategy. New (finally) support of our allies.

A withdrawal timetable based on nothing more that whimsy and poll results is a recipe for a Disaster Cake that might choke any future President, regardless of who he or she might be.

Series2 said...

the WIZARD, fkap said "New (finally) support of our allies."

That [b]would[/b] make a nice change. :)