Friday, May 18, 2007

Best Wishes for Riverbend and a Note to Iraqis

"I always hear the Iraqi pro-war crowd interviewed on television from foreign capitals (they can only appear on television from the safety of foreign capitals because I defy anyone to be publicly pro-war in Iraq). They refuse to believe that their religiously inclined, sectarian political parties fueled this whole Sunni/Shia conflict. They refuse to acknowledge that this situation is a direct result of the war and occupation. They go on and on about Iraq's history and how Sunnis and Shia were always in conflict and I hate that. I hate that a handful of expats who haven't been to the country in decades pretend to know more about it than people actually living there."

I had missed the news that Riverbend and her family were leaving Iraq. I may have been the only one in the known universe that missed it but anyway, there it is. I wish them all the best of luck in the world and yes, I'm glad they have decided to go.

I don't know what political spin if any people in the middle east are hearing but the fact is we are leaving so unless one believes everything will be hearts and daisies as soon as the US troops are gone....LEAVE NOW. Do whatever you can and need to do to save yourselves and your families and do it quickly.

Quit worrying about who our next elected president is going to be, in this matter it will not matter. We'll be leaving regardless of who ends up running the show. Ok, worry if it's Giuliani because he'd enjoy pulling out our troops then sending some bombs over as a parting gift. Believe it or don't at your own risk. It just seems like it's only fair to tell you the truth so you can get a head start if you believe a run for the border is your best option.

Ok, I'm no one important, I have no inside information and I certainly have no power to affect any of the actions or outcomes of this situation but I do have eyes in my head and my hearing hasn't gone south yet. America has decided and hi-ho, hi-ho, it's home from Iraq we'll go and all the king's neo-cons and all the kings gen's cannot and will not put Iraq together again.


RJ Adams said...

No, you're not the only one in the known Universe, there's two of us and you found out before I did, so thanks for letting me know. Riverbend is the most powerful and moving of so few Baghdad bloggers. Her reports had become less frequent over the past months and I guess at times we all wondered whether she and her family were dead or alive. I'm glad they're still alive. At least, they were on April 26th. That's the story of Iraq in a nutshell. No-one knows from one day to the next who's alive and who isn't any longer. Tonight I watched NBC Nightly News anguish with the family of a soldier recently killed. No-one railed against the president and his gang of thugs for causing it. Yesterday, Blair and Bush made love in the White House Rose Garden for all the world to see, and Blair had the gall to say he'd do Iraq all over again, if he had to. Tonight, BBC News reported, as its main headline, that a chunk of the Arctic the size of Manhattan had broken away from the main iceshelf, and scientists were concerned that climate change was escalating much faster than originally thought. NBC was too busy anguishing over one dead American to even report it. It all adds up to a sorry outlook for the human species, and I'm afraid we deserve no better. We have allowed our politicians to run riot; idiot radio-jocks to fill our heads with rubbish; religious con-men to stuff our souls with divine garbage, and Brian Williams and Co to mold it all into thirty minutes of crap. Yes, get out Riverbend, but if you can find anywhere on this planet that will be safe in another ten years, you will be fortunate indeed.

Not Your Mama said...

It's insane. And most of the politicians and pundits still yammering on and on about "if" we leave Iraq like it's even going to be an option very shortly. Who the hell are they planning on sending, their fucking grandparents? Free long term care coverage if you enlist? Armor plated Depends for grandmothers willing to tote an M-16?

The people that are over there now are already on their 2nd and 3rd deployments and no-facking-body is enlisting. I get up every morning and check to see if helicopters are evacuating the GZ yet. WTF planet do some of these people live on???

pekka said...

The world has gone mad, no doubt about it! I was fighting nausea brought by Tony's cooing over the great leader and personal friend of his, Dubya. Erroneusly, I always though, that Tony is just slightly blind and stubborn with the Iraqi issue but he is clearly as mad as they come. In democracies, we are supposed to have the leaders we deserve but, surely, these two individuals are way beyond any reasonable punishment. Question is, how do these men get elected and how could we avoid such disasters revisiting us yet again?

ryk said...

I'm ashamed to say I didn't know either. I had all but stopped checking her blog because she posted so infrequently. It's good to know she's still alive. And still telling simple truths:

There are moments when the injustice of having to leave your country, simply because an imbecile got it into his head to invade it, is overwhelming.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

not your mama You are totally correct! We are leaving. Period. End of sentence!

It does not matter who is elected. Hillary or Rudy or John or... the other John. We will pull out.

And Iraq will suffer and all remaining bloggers, or newspaper editors, or reporters, or politicians will die at the hand of the sword.

This is George Bush's ultimate legacy. He started a nation building disaster he cannot control, let alone complete.

The American public is weary. They cannot trust their leaders. The want out.

the Wizard...........