Friday, May 25, 2007

Just Because I Feel Like It

I had an e-mail from someone and they said something that really struck me as funny, "It seems like if you don't rant about Iraq or the latest screw-up by Kos, the numbers drop." That isn't terribly important to me. If it was, I could write "hit pieces" all day and probably do at least a fair job of it, trust me on that.

I'm pretty much tired of ranting about Iraq, like I said, if America was serious about getting out we'd be out. Most of America isn't quite there yet and that doesn't surprise me much either, most of the country is usually running a mile or two behind me. We're going to get out but not before we muck around for another 6 months to a year. There isn't anything I can do to change that. Kos, well, if I visit there once a month that would be a lot for me. I don't care all that much if they do screw up but if someone wants a daily dose of outrage and titillation on demand I'd recommend them because even though I may have stored up a lifetime of outrage I'm not always inclined to produce it on cue. I'm not getting paid to do this and I wouldn't want to be, I do this because it's the first time in my life I have not been in a position where I have to "mind what I say" or worry about the consequences. I'll write it when I'm feeling it. Or I'll post a giant picture of my ass. Depends how I'm feeling.

Today I was feeling sick of the news so I turned it off and went outside. I spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing except make random half-hearted stabs at pulling weeds, watching the half billion birds we have living here and taking pictures of any random thing that caught my eye. Sorry if that's boring but I wasn't up to dealing with the body count tally for today.

This one is for RJ Adams. It's my baby chitalpa in bloom. Those are mountains behind it. Nevada is not flat.

Lamb's ears that have colonized in odd places. Random, careless gardening is my style.

My dearest companion. Yes, she probably does outweigh Paris Hilton.

A small toad I found hiding under my huechera.

Tonight's sunset as seen from my back yard.

That's it for me for tonight. No outrage, no bodycounts and I'll still be around tomorrow and the day after whether I have a "hitcount" or not. People can ignore me, they can never make me go away.


pekka said...

I like what you said, Mama, about not worrying too much having "hits"! This need for hits, and the fact that I have nothing original to say, are the reasons I would never start bloging. I never even thought, that one can have one's independence while blogging untill now when you made blatantly clear that it's the way it's going to be on this site. Kudos to you, and I, for one, am looking forward to what the hell ever you decide to write about. That doesn't, of course, mean that I will always agree with you but, nevertheless, I like your voice, your style and your courage.
Sleep tight!

Vigilante said...

Pekka, the only real fault I find with you, is your false modesty. You have always - or so it seems to me - something original to say. Perhaps. What is also unique to you is your tough-love way of saying something. It's like that first cup'o joe in the morning or the last sip of wine at sundown: a welcome stain in the throat.

As to worrying about hits? Of course I like'em. From old friends and newbies! But I don't have time to chase them everyday. If I don't have something to say on my site, I like lurking and leaving my truth on the pages of others.

Often, as not, that's when I address Iraq-unrelated items.

This was a nice post, N.Y. Mama.

Not Your Mama said...

Nothing wrong with worrying about it if you WANT to, I just thought it was funny anyone would think I would worry about it much. Other than the blogs that are commercial I don't really understand it but whatever makes anyone happy.

I did the math and just looking at our last election, roughly 100 million people voted. Of those, at least 50 million were (in my opinion) blithering idiots. Based on these numbers why would I want to have mass appeal?

Not Your Mama said...

Hah, looks like we posted almost simultaneously.

I 2nd your motion on Pekka. Besides I'm curious about the potential stories about the switch from Finland to Canada, I just KNOW there's a story or two there.

TomCat said...

Mine has been slow this week too. Not a big deal. Loved your pics, except for the one of that dawg, of course. ;-)

pekka said...

Vigil, there is a lot of falsehood in me, but, please, believe me, modesty is not among them!

Mama, I forgot to say something about the much wished-for pictures. This computer of mine and the screen with it are such pieces of shit that I am hardly able to distinguish anything. The same goes with videos thus rendering me in the quiet dispair.

Your appeal is your lack of mass appeal. But then again, you know it and you wear it proudly on your sleeve, as you should.

Not Your Mama said...

Has been the "busiest" month yet. That's what I'm somewhat ambivalent about. I have an extreme love/hate relationship with humankind ;).

Tomcat: The "dawg" is special. I once lived in my car for a short while because I could not find a place that would allow her and I was damned if I'd bail on her. She's been with me for many years and got me through the worst period of my entire life.

Not Your Mama said...

Pekka: look at any random pictures of Afghanistan and you've seen Nevada. We're nearly identical in terrain, landscape and climate.

Anonymous said...

Great post and wonderful photos! I love your doggie! (I love all doggies...)

I blog about what I feel like, when I feel like it. I like having regular readers/commenters much more than I care about numbers. The community and like-mindedness is what I enjoy about blogging.

Keep on keeping on, NYMama! I'll be back for more!


RJ Adams said...

Thanks for the photo of the mountains, Mama. The sight of those soaring peaks brought tears to my eyes. In two weeks I'll be scaling a few like that, perhaps not quite as high but just as beautiful. I'm off to Wales for a one week hiking holiday, meeting up with an old and much-loved friend for the purpose, then a few days with family before heading back to the eternal flatlands of Illinois.
On the subject of blog hits, I believe we think alike. From my experience, most serious writers would rather produce a great work appreciated by a few thinking, intellectually mature, readers than a trashy novel sold by the millions in Wal-Mart. The same applies to blogs. Many of the best are the least widely read.

TomCat said...

In that case, I suppose i can tolerate the dawg. My week picked up and today is screaming, because BuzzFlash picked up my Memorial Day editorial. :-)

Not Your Mama said...

RJ: for all the downsides to living here, NV does have some gorgeous views (in a stark, Martian sort of way).

Sadly it will be time to move at some point...our road is paved and I can actually SEE neighbors. Not good.

Holden said...

We drove not so far from your abode when we flew into Vegas last year and went to the Sierra Nevada (Mammoth lakes to be exact). I remember telling my kids, "Nevada is the grayest place I've ever been. And it's *so* cool." They agreed. Next time we do that drive (next year I think) I'll be sure and wave as we zoom past.