Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pahrump Farts: Predator Pahrump

Our small desert community was rocked (ok, a few people hiccuped) when local 5th grade teacher Michael Gogerty was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers under the initiative, Operation Predator, which began in 2003 to deport foreign national sexual predators. Prior to that job, the 24-year Las Vegas resident taught at a Las Vegas elementary school and worked in three different day-care facilities.

Local anti-immigration activists were outraged. Stated one anonymous source, "hardworking American perverts are doing without jobs and the schools are hiring Canadians....all this outsourcing has to stop". An unnamed source within the school district responded saying, "American child molestors just won't work for these wages".


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot, babe! I had to clean the spit off my laptop screen this morning after I started reading this! Gawd knows what would have happened if I could have smelled the farts! HAHA!

TomCat said...

That is so absurd, Mama. His illness and immigration status are completely unrelated.

Not Your Mama said...

Of course they're unrelated, that's the point. The fact that we can't get teachers here because of the extremely high cost of living and extremely low pay and we tend to skimp on screening applicants and take whatever we can get is relevant. Why would a good teacher want to come here where they would not make enough money to buy a house and could barely afford the rent in many places?

After hearing several members of the local brain trust screaming about "illegals" and completely ignoring this fact I had to spoof it.

I've lost count of how many child predators we've found in our school systems in NV over the last few years. Considering we are not a highly populated state several per year seems excessive, no?

TomCat said...

It would seem so to me.

Just My Thoughts said...

Oh damn, how is a hard working ill-eagle perv supposed to make a living?
I mean,really this must be discrimination. Execpt in Pahrump I guess.