Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wanted: Any Nordic Country Willing to Invade Us

So yeah, I've had an almost irrepressible urge to hurl projectiles all this last week. Heat and believe it or not, humidity are probably not helping any either. Yes, I said humidity. In the middle of the damned desert. Currently 52%. If you've never experienced the desert in August with 52% humidity scratch it off of your to-do list.

It was a bad time to be spying on the Buttnugget Boys on Fox but I did it anyway. Misery loves company I suppose. About 15 minutes of listening to Charles Krauthammer opine upon what sort of government we should set up in Iraq....yes, he did. When exactly did it become ok for us to be this fucking arrogant? Alright, I know we've always been arrogant but we used to at least pretend we weren't. Haven't decided yet if it's better or worse that we're no longer pretending but I'm positive I would not be unhappy if Mr. Craphammer died a slow and painful death. Charles in Charge was better in the Scott Baio version.

Everything that is wrong with America in two words: Willie Geist. Hah, gotcha, you thought I was going to say George Bush. There's only one Shrub....the Geists are his seedlings.

Our proudest moment: we finally managed to deport Eva Arellano. This is what so many have fought and died for, the right to kick poor single mothers out of our country. God bless America. I'm now completely ashamed to be an American, thank you very much. When her little boy grows up and hates our guts don't act surprised.

Someone convince me we are not living in a William Golding novel.


TomCat said...

That's sad. Perhaps we be better off deporting illegal idiots. Bye W!

Not Your Mama said...

We decimated the Native Americans and created....200 years of hatred social problems.

We enslaved thousands and thousands of people from Africa and created....200 years of hatred and social problems.

Why does most of America seem to believe that treating another group of people badly is going to have a better outcome? Bleah, I dunno why I keep beating that drum, I can't teach pigs to sing.

Vigilante said...

I'm about to go on the prowl to find the text of Charles Krauthammer's opining upon what sort of government we should set up in Iraq.... I

Anonymous said...

I still think the immigration issue is a "wedge" issue blown sky high by Karl Rove to distract Americans from all the GOP corruption going on before Bush gets out of office. Afterall, hate sells better than love among the pleebs.

Not Your Mama said...

G'luck with that, their website looks like a hyperactive pre-schooler designed it.

If not though you can always read his essay in defense of torture.

Not Your Mama said...

NV Mojo: yep. Hu-mans love to hate.

cls said...

If you've never experienced the desert in August with 52% humidity scratch it off of your to-do list.

Omigod...the cooler becomes totally useless at that level. My heart goes out to you NYM.

RJ Adams said...

We hit 97 today with 62% humidity, so I know just how you feel. Driving forty rowdy schoolkids home in a metal can with no air conditioning is probably worse than listening to Charles Kraphammer. No, I take that back - the kids are much more intelligent.

One thing we all have to learn, democracy or no democracy, is we are not individually responsible for the behavior of our politicians, or fellow countrymen. No need to feel ashamed. There are plenty of scumbags outside America, and Britain has its fair share.

Keep smiling, fall is just around the corner. Oh, but I forgot, then comes winter!

RJ Adams said...

PS I was going to write a blog about Eva Arellano, but I seem to be slagging off America so much these days, I thought better of it and wrote about Mother Teresa. After all, who doesn't slag off the Roman Catholic church these days?

Not Your Mama said...

Hey RJ, your spam filter has run amok again ;).

I'm not crying too too much about the weather, I have the luxury of being able to take siesta with the critters. It's horrible for anyone who has to be out in it.

Eva breaks my heart. Our government used her to "set an example" and the pro-immigration people used her to further their agenda. She traded herself to secure a future for her son. I'm a mother too so I see 'zactly what she did.

Just My Thoughts said...

I have to agree with Nevada Mojo. it is always the quickest way to get recruits....spew hate. Look how well it worked for Hitler he preached hatred and dissention against the non-aryan peoples (though he was one himself) and look where that went.
I have seen our current administration do the same thing. We have to hate the Muslims, have to hate the all keeps us from seeing just how poorly the current president is at doing anything, like using diplomacy or negotiation to settle a problem, or maybe actually speaking English in a fashion we can understand.
Enter Karl Rove, the master of manipulation. Even he was not enough to keep Bush/Cheney from looking like complete idiots.

TomCat said...

Hatred is always the stock and trade of neocons and theocons.