Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yes I Am In A Really Bad Mood

I don't even know where to start to explain where I'm at with this mess we're in. First off there really hasn't been much to say about the latest primaries and caucuses because, doh, like it or not the outcomes have been for the most part quite well known to everyone not living in Oz beforehand.

That kind of led me to my second conclusion which was that sometimes it's better to just shut the fuck up than engage in the sort of shrieking, shrilling, and whining I've been seeing on at least half the blogs (and I'm being generous here) and most definitely in many of the comments including here on my own at times.

Oooooh the media is mean to me and hates women/black people/brown people/liberals/conservatives/really cute puppies. Yeah well, the media doesn't love or hate anyone, they love ratings and as long as there are assmonkeys willing to park in front of the tube and listen to idiotic dribble and wage wars over trivia they'll keep right on keeping on. Ok, I'll admit I do love to watch Pat Buchanan but that is only because I enjoy the way the veins pop out of the side of his head and he starts to turn purple, it relaxes me.

I've made it pretty clear that I am not voting for Clinton, no secret there. If you are or aren't and wish to make an argument for or against that's fine but make it at least semi-rational. I do not give a damn about her ankles or her pantsuit. Above all please refrain from demanding I feel oppressed because I happen to possess a vagina. I've never been oppressed in my life for longer than 5 minutes because I've never tolerated it and this is still America, so far anyway. Every other man in the country is not a foaming-at-the-mouth misogynist, quite a lot of them are clueless. Give them a clue and save the baseball bats for the truly deserving. When you do actually run across a true misogynist I'd suggest breaking his kneecaps but it would be a good idea to learn to recognize the difference.

I've also made it clear that I did and will again, vote for Obama. Again, if you wish to make a point for or against that's also fine but keep it sane. I do not care whether or not he did or did not use drugs/attend a Muslim kindergarten/is or is not "Black enough". As for the heavy doses of sarcasm I've read regarding the man's powerful oratorical skill and overwhelming charisma...bitch please....those have come in handy in winning over some of those 2,999,999 other people I have to share the country with and I'll be the first to admit that but has little to nothing to do with my reasons for supporting him. Remember you're talking to someone who favored Bill Richardson, charisma is not a deal maker or breaker for me. I tend to look at stupid ass trivia like THEIR FUCKING VOTING RECORDS.

Do not even try the "Clinton has more experience" argument with me. Sen. Clinton never held public office until the year 2000 so where this "35 years of experience" tag line is coming from is beyond me. If sleeping with or being married to someone confers some sort of educational and experiential bonus then I'm a fucking diesel engine technician and a jet pilot. If "experience" is truly your criteria then just vote for John McCain and bugger off.

Speaking of voting records, outside of Joe Lieberman I cannot think of a single dem who has voted more in lockstep with the GOP than John Edwards so why on earth half the "progressive" universe seems to believe he is their saviour is beyond me. From nuclear waste to Iraq to the current majorly fucked up bankruptcy laws Sen. Edwards has a long and established history of caving to GOP pressure. Granted, he does a fine mea culpa after the fact but how many times do you want a mea culpa after the fact??? He may have the best of intentions, not going to try and second guess the mans motives but he's pretty much proven he does not have the best judgement in the world, at least not for a self-professed "progressive". I'd not even mention him here except that many of his followers seem to remain in denial that he is out of the race.

Finally there are the ultra snarky, I'm-too-cool-and-embittered-to-get involved people. Everyone is bad, all the choices suck, nothing will change no matter what we do, yada, yada, yada. Fine, to borrow a phrase from the Galloping Beaver, sit on the fucking corner and wish for ponies. Make sure to save a seat next to you for the Perpetual Victim crowd m'kay?

Things I Know That Are Not Worth Wasting My Time Arguing About

  1. This election is not "all about Obama". He's tapped into something that was already waiting to happen. Right person, right place, right time. Sometimes shit happens that way.
  2. He could lose/Clinton could win, all things are still possible.
  3. An Obama loss would set off an even larger tidal wave than the one currently in motion, some things I just know in my bones. My bones have never lied to me.
  4. I would not want to be on the wrong end of that wave.
  5. There is a certain historical inevitability to whatever course it is we are currently on, this too I know in my bones. What I do not know is how it will play out and how many heads will roll in the process but there is no realistic way to deny that there is a process in motion. Unless you are wishing for a pony.
  6. It is entirely possible that Pat Buchanan's head will explode by the time this is all settled, whichever way it settles. I can only see this as a good thing.
  7. Last but not least I am struggling to make sense of the fact that I belong to a party that believes I am so utterly retarded that they must appoint a 21 year old Alvin the Chipmunk look-alike to vote for me. I am too old to need a nanny and after this election I may decide I'm too old to be bothered with this party any more. Jury is still out on that one. If you are Republican don't get all excited, I still would eat nails before voting for a single one of your regressive, retarded, assmonkeys. It simply means that I may no longer register as a Democrat or give another penny to the DNC. Individual candidates may still apply.

Now that I've pissed off everyone and their mother too, have a nice day. Vote for whoever you want to vote for but at least make a choice and stand for something. Try to do it like grown ups. If we want leaders that don't behave like assclowns we need to stop behaving like assclowns.


R J Adams said...

Well said, Mama. Frankly, I'm just glad I'm only an observer with no right to vote. If I were, I'd choose Obama as a lesser evil - with the potential for some good. What's the old saying: "A new broom sweeps clean"? Well neither Clinton nor McCain could be considered "new brooms" where Washington is concerned. Yes, Hillary's only held office since 2000, but she's been around the Washington shower for much longer than that.

leftdog said...

I am completely attracted to the way you think. Amen.

Anonymous said...

OMFG! This is the best rant ever, NYM!! XOXOXO! Cheers!
Go Obama!

Vigilante said...

I just wish that N.Y. Mama, next time she post, would tell us how she really feels.

Not Your Mama said...

Heh, thx peoples. Just could not deal with a lot of the shrieking anymore.

Whatever we do is going to impact the next several decades so it might be a good idea to think about that and quit trying to fight battles from (some) of our salad days that have not a goddamned thing to do with the issues facing our children and grandchildren.

konagod said...

I don't know if this was truly a rant though. It was more of a brilliant mumbling to ones self out loud, refreshingly honest and making very clear the message. Kind of like the shit that rumbles through my head constantly.


Not Your Mama said...

Hey Konagod...I'm counting on Austin. I have faith in y'all.

Anonymous said...

Well the majority of Americans are smart enough to elect the smartest candidate (Joe Biden), or, the candidate with the most international crisis experience (Bill Richardson), or, the most compassionate candidate (John Edwards) - so, now we're down to our 4th or 5th choice!

Is it really any wonder why the rest of the civilized democratic world looks at America's political process and just shake their heads?

I'm hoping Obama wins the nomination so I can, at the very least, vote for somebody NEW - ANYBODY that is new (in the hope that significant change will take place, sometime, in my life-time)!

But, if Clinton wins the nomination, I'll hold my nose AGAIN and vote for another Clinton - and I'll re-set my expectations to zero, zilch, nada!

Like it or not, we absolutely can NOT let another Republican in the White House!

My greatest fear is that the dysfunctional Democrats will defeat themselves AGAIN!

ryk said...

I sure hope NYM's bones are correct, but I'm not altogether sure that this wave of conservatism has crested. Another terrorist attack might send us over the edge for good.

I'm with anonymous here. I too will hold my nose and vote for Hillary if I have to, because I think we're only about one more Republican administration away from just throwing the damn constitution away and instituting some kind of "unitary executive" military dictatorship.

TomCat said...

Mama, I think I hear where you're coming from. The contraindications between Clinton supporters and Obama supporters has become so personal and so irrelevant to the issues at hand, I have decided not to endorse either at least until after my primary on May 20, in the hope that I can be a voice for reason and unity. When this sand box spat is over, we need to remember that we're all on the same side, and the way I see feelings hurting and enmities growing, my big hope is that we do not shred the Democratic party in the process.

TomCat said...

PS Happy Valentines Day!!