Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I've Moved to Canada, For Today Anyway

Today's post is being guest hosted at Buckdog along with another fine Super Tuesday post from Pissed on Politics. All 3 of ya'll that enjoy my rambling & ranting head over there and the rest of you head there anyway and check out Buckdog for a dose of north of the border politics.


Wanda said...

All my life I have dreamed of seeing both a woman President of the USA and a Black President. Here we are deciding between the two. Who would have ever predicted that. I am torn. My head says Obama and my heart says Hillary. Good news is that I am Canadian and can't vote for either. So may the best Democrat win because for God's sake they need to get the Republicans out of there for a long, long time. Very good post. Thank you!

(cross posted at Buckdog)

leftdog said...

NYM, thank you for traveling to Canukistan yesterday to help us make our way through the twists and turns of the US primary system!

Not Your Mama said...

'Twas fun, thank you for inviting me ;).

leftdog said...

Here is another link to NYM's post.

S2 said...

"the next president would likely be battery operated and covered in latex"

LOL. I'd like to think that that would be an improvement on the present incumbent. :)

Seriously, though - vibrators are illegal in one or more States? Really??

The USA is looking more and more fundamentalist by the day, but funnily enough the US blogs/websites I visit most frequently seem to be largely inhabited by sane and rational people (that's supposed to be a compliment, in case you were wondering). And they (usually) have a sense of humour.

Maybe I'm reading the wrong blogs.

Is this split as big as it looks like from this side of the pond?
Is a new Civil War on the cards?

I was going to post this on Buckdog, but I can't remember my Blogger password.

I really ought to go back into hibernation, but at the moment it's an unseasonal 12°C up here in Scotland.

Not Your Mama said...

Yes,vibrators are illegal in Alabama.

And yes, there is a huge split though exactly where and how it splits is a fuzzy gray area. We've been coming apart at the seams for years and everyone used to laugh at me for saying that but now fewer people are laughing.

I'm just about as tired of the "disenfranchised blue-collar dems" as I am of the right wing nutcases. The majority of our population (well, the small percentage that bother to vote at all) is voting strictly on whatever their own one or two pet personal issues are with no thought for the bigger picture. We've become an instant gratification nation and don't give a damn what kind of country we leave behind for our grandchildren as long as we get our own way today.