Friday, November 17, 2006

The American Heartlessland

I spent some time the last few days trolling blogs and my local forum and find myself laughing (a tad hysterically) at the numerous posts on "conservative" sites bemoaning the "spiteful vitriol, anger, and hatred" coming from the "liberals".

Let's show you a few juicy posts from the locals here on my home turf.

From Let's Talk, Pahrump's very own local forum:

Lets allow all babies born here to have limited citizenship BUT because their parents are not legally in the USA they (the parents) must be deported ASAP(RFN). These babies shall be wards of the state and placed in state run orphanages. Upond their 18th birthday or when they finish up with any and all required training....they are placed into the military for no less then 10 years of service. If after that 10 years of military service they have been honorable members of the state and the military...then they may apply for active citizenship. If they have not been honorable to the U.S. and followed all the requirements then they are sent back to the nation of their ancestry.

Well I just spent a whole day in LV doing shopping, going to doctors and in general driving all over that insane city. I thought I was in Guadalajara Mexico. So damn many hispanic people everywhere I turn. What bothered me the most was at the doctors office when they cme in groups of 5 to 7 for medical care. They must all be on some government dole to be there. Then you see the little short fat moms, and they all look alike, driving in the largest SUV's and wheeling their anchor baby's around. Then they seemed to have taken over the Wall Mart I went into. This third world immigration is out of control.

I definitely do not wish any brown great grand children. Now, if Liberallisa wants to have brown children. This is a free country, let her surprise her parents. Hope they enjoy the surprise.

There are just three of the latest comments by our fine, upstanding, white, Christian, conservative citizenry. Does it make you proud to be an American? Stay tuned, maybe by next week they'll be advocating to begin killing all the first-born sons.

Sorry to tell you this but these three people are not in the minority here. I can't go anywhere off of my property without encountering at least some of these folks, the township is like Chock-Full-O-Nuts nowadays. The last time my husband and I went out to dinner we were treated to a 20 minute tirade about "goddamned liberal commies" being carried on by a woman at the next table. Is it any wonder that I hesitated to intervene when she finally choked on her food?

Before you of the conservative sites go whining with your little sanctimonious selves about how angry and hostile the damned liberals are you had best take a closer look at how your own kindred conduct themselves and get a clue about why the next door-to-door proselytizer or conservative political campaigner to darken my door will be kicked in the shins and bitch-slapped.


leftdog said...

The good news still remains that these 'chock-full-o-nuts- types are not very happy with the outcome of the mid-term elections. I take comfort in the fact that they are not having a good month.

I really like the new look here! Good stuff!

Not Your Mama said...

Thank you :).

No, they aren't happy campers so of course they are doing their utmost to create civil unrest.

Little local darlings are trying to form their own l'il Yeehaw-style "Jihadi" militia to oust those "infidel Mexicans".

Who ever said stupidity and zealotry was limited to the middle east???

leftdog said...

I heard a woman on a call in show earlier this week who said, 'supidity is a state of mind, not a state in the union. No one has a monopoly on either stupidity or intelligence." I wrote that down on a napkin 'cause it sounded interesting.