Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stupid Rural Nevada Tricks

So okay, my week of mourning the hideous election results here in the Silver State is over. My always amusing local Town Board-istan has trumped itself in the "We Be Backwards Re-Tards" category once again.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The Pahrump Town Board tonight is expected to decide whether English should be declared the town's official language, making it one of dozens of communities across the nation to consider or adopt laws that target illegal immigrants.
The proposed ordinance also would make flying a foreign flag by itself illegal and states that "illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants are not entitled to any benefits" from Pahrump.

M'kay. Now for those of you unfamiliar with this lovely little desert oasis here I should explain a few things.

1. There are no "benefits" to be had in Pahrump. If you are very lucky or very clever you might manage to not get run over or shot here. That's about the best you could expect. On a good day.

2. The town doesn't have any agencies of it's own. The only existing agencies are either state or federal and mandate providing alternate language information.

Now I've never been one to fly flags or post my political preferences in my front yard but since they've gone and declared it illegal....guess my granddaughter will have to tell people her grandma is a jailbird. I'm just trying to decide which nations' flags I want to fly or maybe I'll just run a pair of underpants up the flagpole and let them hash that one out in court.