Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now Totally Hopeless in Nevada

This is another one of those times when I HATE being right. I posted my take on how the elections would go here and unfortunately I was correct. Foolishly I kept hoping that a previously undiscovered cache of intelligent, informed voters would surprise me come election day.

Nope, Nevadans really are this stupid. I'm too bummed to discuss it right now but Wonkette did a nice little bit on Nevada, Land of Scum.

I may post more this week or I may just drink a helluva lot of scotch and stay drunk until the next election. Not that anyone 'round these parts would notice, they're mostly drunk themselves.


leftdog said...

Hmmm scotch .... what's your brand? But drink to celebrate the departure of Rumsfeld ... hell ... I'd join you guys for a few celebration drinks if I wasn't in Canada!

Not Your Mama said...

Not unhappy about Rummy or most of the election results.

Cautiously optimistic about the rest of the country. Nevada is obviously just a lost cause, I'm beginning to wonder if the Bush-Cheney plan to turn it into a nuclear waste repository might not be such a bad idea.

Mr. Mack said...

I'm in Tennessee, so I feel your pain. People in Nevada will get there, just like they will here in the South. Different dynamics, to be sure, but at some point they will grow weary of the false promises of "conservatism."