Friday, November 24, 2006

Weekly Roundup: Pahrump Farts

Decided our ongoing local campaign for racial hatred and intolerance deserved a full weeks summary, most excitin' stuff a-goin' on since them city slickers buried all of Binion's silver down the road.

Per the Las Vegas Review Journal, Sheriff Tony DeMeo is refusing to prosecute those criminal masterminds who dare to fly foreign flags. The good Sheriff even said the law was "unconstitutional" and crimes committed against persons over these issues would be prosecuted as "hate crimes". Apparently he takes a very dim view of actions like these:

Lucero Enrriquez, a Mexican immigrant and the owner of Mi Ranchito market in Pahrump, received an anonymous postcard last week that said, in part, "We are sick to our stomachs of seeing Mexicans on every street walking with 2 or 3 kids and the mother has (2) more in her belly. ... You people are draining and abusing our welfare system and we are frankly sick of it."

George Romero, owner of Pahrump's Romero's Mexican restaurant, said he got a call on Friday from an unidentified man who told him, "If I didn't like the ordinance, I could get out of town."

Just when I'm about to concede that everyone here is insane you go and muck up my hypothesis. Kudos to Sheriff DeMeo.

Facing off in the ring with our good Sheriff is town board member Michael Miraglia (a recent immigrant from Illinois).

Miraglia, who brought the ordinance forward, said he was tired of encountering people who do not speak English.
He mentioned a specific incident at a restaurant in which a worker did not understand Miraglia's request for a napkin.
The final ordinance was a stripped down version of a previous proposal that would have made it illegal to hire, do business with or loan money to illegal immigrants.
Miraglia said he toned it down a bit because the town doesn't have the money or resources to go after employers and landlords.

The town board may vote on a proposal to execute restaurant workers who do not respond rapidly to napkin and condiment requests next week. Mr. Miraglia does make one good point, the town really does not have the resources to go after anyone because the town board keeps running all the businesses off. Now someone get me Senator Obama's e-mail addy, I want this guy deported back to Illinois.

State officials are reporting that Hispanics make up less than 9% of Nye county's population and according to police, school and health care administrators they have seen none of the drain on public services often cited by proponents of ordinances targeting undocumented immigrants.
When asked if Nye county struggled to provide services for non-English speaking students Nye County School District Superintendent Rob Roberts said "We struggle with being the 47th or 48th state in the country in per-pupil spending. That's what we struggle with"

Hmm, wonder if that right there might explain some of this mess.

Quotes from the Bards of Pahrump:

We have individuals that openly carry here and are true patriots. We will protect Pahrump.

The minute-man thing is a waste of time. Why not mine the border? Everytime you heard a boom, you'd know it's working. The only thing I'd worry about is some poor animal that might get blown up by mistake. The illegals, who cares?

Yeah I used to like going to a whole lot of the Mexican places here in town, after the summer walkout I have yet to be back to any of them.

If we get to a showdown with the outside lawyers I think you will see hundreds of people supporting the town board. As calling has said many times, this issue is going to get explosive and violent.

We are not going to any Mexican restaurants ALL 12 of us.Glad to see Pahrump Community Church placed a sign on their Food Bank Door U.S. ID only. Do not know about the Salvation Army. Only know that they fed Mexicans.

Hey BC if a bunch of PAHRUMP AMERICANS went to this Bobs house with chain saws and cut down the non-American flags what would Tony Demao do ?Would we get arrested for enforceing the laws of the land ?

I have a question. Is DeMeo an Illegal? Since reading that he will prosecute Americans, I wonder. Does anyone remember "Smilin Jack"? {the cartoon character] DeMeo reminds me of him, always smiling.Never trusted anyone who always smiled.

Hot damn, our sheriff is an illegal immigrant, the Salvation Army is the Spawn of Satan, and Mexican restaurants are doing the work of the Devil, who knew. You better listen up Taco Bell....don't come to Pahrump or folks might take a chainsaw to your signs.

My own personal experience with all of this was limited to one incident in which a man threatened to shove at least 3 foreign flags up my ass for having the temerity to point out vandalism and trespassing were illegal. This may however have been an attempt at flirtation taken from the Nevada Men's Guide to Courtship.

Till later folks, staying locked & loaded here in the Silver State.


Featheriver said...

Enjoyed your post. Didn't know I had a companion blogger in Pahrump, or the entirety of Nye County for that matter.

And, thanks for the comment on my blog at Just put a link from it to yours.

Alena said...

Chances are John Goodman would have thrown these cases out of court anyway...

Mr. Mack said...

Ooops. I somehow posted that comment with my daughters blogger name! How does that happen? Well, meet my 10 yr old daughter, Alena. Happy Thanksgiving!

Not Your Mama said...

Ola guys, thanks for stopping by. We just have to keep fighting these buttnuggets. I'd say hi to your daughter but, er, I'm not exactly 10 year-old safe here LOL.

Agree Mack, I'm hoping Studio 60 does do a spin-off show (rumors, rumors) and keep the spotlight on this mess here.

If someone wants to be an ignorant, racist, fack, fine. It's a free country, but I'm hoping when saner people start seeing them and their crap for what they really are....well, I can hope can't I?

Anonymous said...

DeMeo is interpeting the constitution for us? I don't think so. His law inforcement background isn't even law enforcement. He was in the harbor guard (security guard rent a cop). His relatives the DeMeo crime family probably got him the job. The other one with bogas credentials is Liakopolas who claims to be a big shot politician from Illinois, no one in Illinois has ever heard of him.