Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lobbing My Ball at King George

Here it is, the Bush spin on the ISG report, word for word official transcript. Read it yourself and draw your own conclusions. This is mine.

That's it folks. Thanks for taking the time to put together these cute little recommendations but I am the boss of you and I am never wrong and I will continue doing whatever in the hell I want to do and there is nothing you can do about it. Fuck you very much.

Exactly what does this man have to do to convince us that he is mentally unstable? Show up for a press conference buck-nekkid and drunk as a skunk? Wait for him to blow up half of the world and then say "oh my, we didn't realize it was so serious". Personally, I would not feel a great sense of gratification in being proved right here. Just this one time could we choose to act and not wait to react?

I'm not advocating a revolution here people, simply asking America to stand up and say enough of this nonsense and bring our people home.

We are not stabilizing Iraq nor are we going to. We are not stopping or even limiting the violence. Our troops were never given what was needed to "accomplish the mission", neither the numbers or equipment and it's far too late now. We are not going to "negotiate" with Iran or Syria and in fact the Iraqi government is already doing so on their own. The fact that our talking heads continue debating the issue of wether or not we should engage with them merely highlights the fact that we have lost all sense of reality, the matter has been taken out of our hands. We've lost soldiers to kidnapping and been ordered to abandon our search for them by the Iraqi government itself. What part of "this is not within our control" are we not getting? When in all of our history as a nation have we ever abandoned a soldier on the orders of a foreign government?

Is anyone awake out there? The ball is in our court, play or pay.


leftdog said...

Al Gore dropped the gloves today and blasted Bush, calling Iraq "the worst strategic mistake in the entire history of the United States".

sammyray said...

You might not, but I AM calling for a revolution:

Not Your Mama said...

I do believe that more would "drop the gloves" as you put it save for fear of risking their own political careers, Gore doesn't care much about a political career one way or the other so has nothing to lose. If enough of us "give them the nod" I think the choir would begin to sing.

Interesting Sammyray but the thing is, we ARE the government. We've been remiss and asleep at the wheel and we are to blame.

Things did not have to come to this point, we allowed it by not engaging, not speaking out, and allowing ourselves to be bullied and badgered by the extremists who were adept at convincing us that they were indeed in control and in the majority.

They're still shouting their message but they've overplayed their hand and their songs are hitting a lot of false notes.

The only question now is if the rest of us are going to use the momentum or just let things slide?

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