Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekly Roundup #3: Pahrump Farts

Say what you will about the local gentry, they have an amazing talent for choosing their battles. Much preoccupation this week with Nevada's newly voter-approved smoking law.

No longer will the good citizens of Pahrump be allowed to light up at the two-fer-one buffet or smoke that cigarette while peacefully plugging nickels into the slot machines down at the convenience store.

Or can they. Apparently there is some dispute as to the "constitutionality" of said law therefore we have a 15-day stay of execution while it is reviewed by legal authorities. Once again we are leading the nation in passing laws we will be unable or unwilling to enforce. This did however halt the "Great Pahrumpian Smokeout" movement and allow our good sheriff to focus on weightier matters rather than spending his days at Quik-E-Mart issuing citations to cigarette-wielding scofflaws.

Featheriver over at Nye--Gateway discusses our upcoming Dec 12 Town Board meeting at which Mr. Miraglia, of our "English Only and US Flag Only" ordinance fame, has a brand-spanking new ordinance he will be putting on the table. Seems we have now figgered out how to profit from the "illegal immigration" issue.....the town of Pahrump will consider having "illegals" register themselves and charge them $200 a head to live here. Fancy that.

For any gun enthusiasts out there, said meeting is guaranteed to bring a fine group of citizens displaying a plethora of firearms from the newest to the antique, enough to outshine any gun show. Ya'll come down now, ya hear.

Speaking of weightier matters: I suppose failure by emergency response personnel to treat a gunshot victim based on their professional assessment that "he'll be dead in 45 minutes anyway" might qualify. Let that be a lesson to all of us, do not be a smoker, be overweight, be elderly, or be or do anything which might possibly be judged as making you ineligible for treatment, you might just be left to die.

The sheriff's deputies saw it in a different light. Sheriff's report here:


Please read it. Please. I know we've become inured to nearly every imaginable atrocity in the world, can we please draw a line in the sand here, don't let this one slide with no fanfare.

Thank you to the folks who actually take the time to read my ramblings, till later, ya'll come back now.


leftdog said...

"Thank you to the folks who actually take the time to read my ramblings,"

not your mama - I LOVE your ramblings! Lord girl if we didn't have a way to vent frustration in middle of all this nonsense, I thimk we would blow a gasket! Keep rambling and I will keep reading!!!

Not Your Mama said...

"Lord girl if we didn't have a way to vent frustration in middle of all this nonsense, I thimk we would blow a gasket!"

No truer words LOL. Maybe we should just gather up the "bloggers for a little common sense & humanity" and form our own country.

leftdog said...

We could call it West Blogistan.

Vigilante said...

On being left for dead after a 95% successful attempt at suicide: I can understand why the 'laws' busted the EM's but if I had gone to the trouble of self-infliicting myself to that point, I would have appreciated the paramedics taking a stroll around the corner for a smoke. (Oops! I guess they can't smoke any more in Nevada?

Not Your Mama said...

It's about ethics and the slippery slope.

Medical personnel do not under any circumstances have the right to make "judgement calls" regarding patients.

Opening the door on an issue like this leaves it open for basically anything. How about the lifelong smoker with emphysema, do we deny him treatment? A bit overweight and have a heart attack? How about teens who belong to gangs who get shot...let them die? What happens when your elderly grandmother has a stroke...let her lie there 'cause she's old and going to die anyway?

If a person is terminally ill there is something called a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order which is an option offered to any terminally ill patient. It's the ONLY circumstance under which no treatment is an option.

Even with a DNR it's tough for most medical personnel to just stand by. It's not what you train for and it's contrary to every instinct most have which is to save lives.

That these two imbeciles took it upon themselves to simply stand around speaks to a total lack of professional ethics, reckless disregard for human life, and a judgemental bias that makes them unfit to be trusted with the care of a gerbil much less a human being.

The patient's intent was not for them to judge no matter what the circumstances.

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