Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh Darn, I'm Not the Queen of the World

A mini-dust up a few days ago here in the Silver State. Sometimes I like to digest things a little before I go off half-cocked on a rant.

Seems State Senate Transportation Chairman Dennis Nolan, R-Las Vegas said, "I don't think any legislator is too worried about what cyberspace bloggers are doing".

Oh my, them's fightin' words. Or are they? I couldn't locate any inner outrage over this.

First off, if it matters at all, his comment was in response to comments made by conservative commentator, blogger and activist Chuck Muth. Apparently that means NV republicans do not care what conservative bloggers are saying. I'm certain they don't care what centrist, progressive, or liberal bloggers are saying either so I guess that sort of includes all of us. Ok, good to know where you stand anyway.

To be 100% honest though, I have to be the first to admit that I would not want a legislator who ran willy-nilly every time the blogoshere spoke.

Have you really looked at the blogs? I mean a lot of them, not just the ones you agree with or like. A huge percentage of it is outright lies, half-truths and illogical fruit-loopiness on every side of the fence. And that is just the political to semi-political ones.

I went trolling for blog posts re: Richardson the other night, boy was that fun. I found everything from a post about Richardson, Governor of....Arizona (tell me we are not this retarded) to a blatantly twisted attack on him filled with outright lies and twisted half-truths posted at, believe it or not, the Daily Kos. I even found one arguing that his true goal was to stage a "Mexican takeover" of the United States and another declaring that he would "deport all immigrants". Hmmm.

Yes, I think Nolan is wrong, some attention should be paid. The blogs are great for getting an idea about where various segments of our population stands, what concerns us and why BUT we are only a small, representative sampling of the population at large. Let's be honest, most of the MAJOR big blogs are heavily skewed towards a hardcore base either liberal or conservative. They do not represent the vast majority of voters who are a far less partisan mix of views and values.

Any politician taking his/her marching orders from either DKos or LGF is out of their tree. They'd have to be completely insane to follow any of us 100%. They'd also be out of office purty darn quick.

We matter but so does everyone else, we're just one piece of the pie.


TomCat said...

Any politician that does not think you are Queen of the World is sadly mistaken. :-)

Not Your Mama said...

ROFLMAO....thanks but no way Jose. Wouldn't want it if I could have it, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Featheriver said...

Funny you made this post. When I read what Dennis Nolan said it sort of got up my hackles too.

I left it alone. But not for the reasons you cite. Your reasons are better than mine.

I think you're right about us bloggers not getting the idea we have more influence than we really have.

Fact is about all we can do is express our opinions on whatever topic and, hopefully, why we have the opinion.

It's sort of a way of cathartic release. Or as you've expressed before, keeping your head from exploding.

TomCat said...

Featheriver, an excellent comment. On those all to infrequent occasions that someone posts that something I have written has moved them or inspired them to think, I feel surprised, but also most gratified.

Even if she refuses the nomination, NYM for Queen!! :-)