Friday, May 04, 2007

Just a Few Questions

Why are we so obsessed with who has the most "presence"? If presence is what makes a great president then forget elections....just appoint Martin Sheen president-for-life and forget about it. Better yet....just have Reagan stuffed and plant him in the oval office. That's what "presence" will get you.

Why do people expect me to get all excited about Alberto Gonzales? He fired people the administration didn't feel were partisan enough.....ooooh, how shocking. This administration OUTED a confidential employee...CIA operative Valerie Plame because her husband had the audacity to disagree with them. Yeah, remember her? They quite literally ruined this woman's life and destroyed her career because they were ganked at her husband. And we the people LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. Some of us fuckers actually still have the nerve to defend this action. Piss off, I don't give a fig about Al-stupido and the republican hack lawyers, we already proved we have no priorities so suck it up.

Why are we prosecuting DC Madame Deborah Palfrey for allegedly promoting prostitution but not prosecuting the men who actually engaged in this alleged prostitution? If we are truly so disturbed about this "immoral" behavior then round up every single one of the men on her phone list and charge them all, otherwise shut the fuck up, I'm not interested.

Why is it that when John Edwards finally shows me he has a pair by finally getting in this administrations face about Iraq.....most of the other candidates get pissed?

Now that Senator Obama needs protection from the Secret Service....why are we making hay out of the fact that this is "the earliest" any candidate has needed protection like it's his damned fault and not hunting down the people sending the threats like the cowardly, shit-eating dogs they are?

You know what disturbs me the most? The fact that we probably will end up with exactly the government we deserve.

Edit: Forgot to mention....why are we so worried about Islamic terrorists and show very little concern about our own All-American Christian terrorists? I haven't heard anyone saying we should invade Texas and root them out to keep America safe.


TomCat said...

I watched and did pick up a couple valuable bits of information.

► It saves trees to share your barf bag with a friend.
► You can rinse and re-use the same barf bag six or more times.

pekka said...

Man, I have said it a million times before but I say it again; you, Mama mia, are an exceptional thinker and totally outside the main stream and certainly outside any box! That you come up with these concerns of yours which seem to be going unnoticed by the vast majority, is tantalizing to say the least. How much would you charge for an our having a conversation with you?

The precence is the thing that has occupied my mind, such as it is, for a long while, but before your writing about it, I have never seen anybody else wondering about the obvious skin deepness of it. Nice to have company.

DC Madame case is yet another illustration what the real news are all about plus also the fact that whoring is BAD!, BAD!, and hiring one is just what men are supposed to do.

Yeah, it is an awful thought, but you really might get, yet again, the covernment you deserve.

I still haven't made up my mind about, whether I prefer the home grown, wide eyed, Christian, homocidal, lunatic, pervert to snuff me or is his Middle Eastern counterpart more to my liking. Too tough call, I am afraid.

RJ Adams said...

Well said, NYM. In agreement with every word. What was so great about Reagan anyway? A mediocre actor and a very mediocre president. He was a close friend of Margaret Thatcher. If that didn't prove he was an idiot, nothing would. Reagan was Bush in gloss paint.

pekka said...

Didn't Regan make a great movie with Maggie? Oh, sorry, it was not Maggie but a chimp in the memorable "Bedtime for Bonzo". I guess, better go and rent this cinematic classic again.

Not Your Mama said...

Yeah, between Reagan & Martin Sheen...I'd have to go with Sheen. He'd at least be smart enough to hire good advisors.

Pekka- I think there are more people out there who have these thoughts than we realize sometimes. I just have a bad habit of saying them out loud.

cls said...

Oh, and we love it NYM!

United We Lay said...

I miss the West Wing!

Dee said...

I believe I'd have to go with Morgan Freeman as President. He was President in that movie "Deep Impact".

In my book, Mr. Freeman has an abundance of "presence". He comes across as intelligent, fair, strong, and comforting in times of strife. I don't just mean in his movie roles either. I also mean when he's just being interviewed as himself.

On another note, I don't care which religious lunatic tries to snuff me as long as they don't try to convert me beforehand. :)