Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Little Bit of Good News and Hope

While the rest of the world is worrying over the decline of the bee population, tiny, remote, little Pitcairn Island may have become more important than it's roughly 50 inhabitants ever thought likely.

Notice from their website:

We have been asked by the Pitcairn Police & Customs Officer to make this announcement. Friends of Pitcairn and visitors to the island are asked NOT to send or bring honey, other bee products, or used hive equipment or clothing to Pitcairn. As many of you know, the Pitcairners have begun to expand their beekeeping efforts, and the island hives have recently been declared 100% free of disease. In order to keep the hives pristine, it is very important that the island not be accidentally exposed to products of bees from other areas that could contaminate the Pitcairn bee population. The Pitcairners and the bees thank you very much!

Pitcairns satellite internet connection is provided by Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory. Small world sometimes, no?

You can even order some of the honey here.


TomCat said...

That is good news. As Isolated as Pitcairn island is, their bee population could help repopulate other areas.

Vigilante said...

I read behind the headline of this post, almost daring N. Y. Mama to post something hopeful and upbeat. And lo, she did! She never disappoints!

pekka said...

As hard as we try to forget, we are just another species if somewhat advanced, and that we still need natural and beneficial phenomenons on our side to survive for any lenght of time. Of course, in our arrogance, the past century or so, we thought to have all the answers and no need to be part of our environment and fellow creatures. Well, our collective butts will be kicked really hard if we don't wise up and fast. Bee and let bee!

Not Your Mama said...

Hey, I feel quite hopeful. Earthworms are still thriving and will inherit the earth if we extinct ourselves ;).

RJ Adams said...

I love honey, raw and natural. Sadly, the p&p from Pitcairn Island is a little exorbitant so I'll continue to order mine from California, at least till the fires from global warming burn down the beehives. (Now, come on, Mama, can't have you becoming too optimistic, can I?)