Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Been a Fabulous Week

Previous rumour appears to not have been true but Karl Rove's resignation does make up for it a bit. Hopefully he'll enjoy the Texas heat and humidity. Say "there is no climate change".
Repeat ad infinitum while clicking your heels, maybe the Good Fairy will hear you.

I've given up on the presidential race more or less, Richardson's pretty much blown his chances and we're down to a Clinton -vs- Obama match. Yawn. We'll be in Iraq until Bush is out of office or we flat run out of troops and the majority of Americans essentially do not care. Another yawn. A bridge collapses but that will look like a fender-bender when a dam gives way, in the meantime we'll ignore it and fight about abortion, school prayer, and flag burning. Oh yeah, and gay marriage, the greatest threat to national security. Well, aside from Osama & friends scuba diving in our sewer systems. I checked my septic tank and he isn't there. Very disappointing, I was going to stuff some of his essential parts down his throat and post the video on YouTube. It would have been at least #3.


See I realized I've been looking at this all wrong. I should be supporting the war and encouraging all young rightwingers to enlist. Preferably by age 12. Between that and random dialing people in Georgia to ask how they're enjoying the weather I should be able to entertain myself until I'm at least 99.

So there you go Dems, if you want to have some fun go adopt yourself a pet conservative and start encouraging them along their path. Make some popcorn, sit back and watch their head explode.


Rick said...

Good to see you posting again. Disappointed with Richardson, its hard to overcome Hillary's machine and money. Looks like its gonna be Hillary and Rudy. The chicken hawk conservatives who got us in this war in Iraq should spend some time over there. They missed Vietnam - now is their chance.
Keep Posting!

leftdog said...

"See I realized I've been looking at this all wrong. I should be supporting the war and encouraging all young rightwingers to enlist. Preferably by age 12."

I kinda like that idea!!!

Vigilante said...

Rick, Richardson is a good guy, has the right position on Iraq, which I admire. But if he's not better prepared and responsive for blind-siding questions in today's You-Tube melee politics, he's not prepared to be a presidential candidate.

Not Your Mama said...

Hillary was here yesterday and none of the local nutbunnies tried to shoot her. I'm amazed.

Vigilante said...

Hillary's on cruise control. She's found her groove: not to say anything she'll have to apologize for. That's the mark of a professional campaigner.

I don't like her as much as I do Senators Edwards and Obama. But I have to give credit where credit is due. HRC is a closer.

ryk said...

Rick said: Looks like its gonna be Hillary and Rudy.

I think you're right about Hillary, but for some reason I think the Republican nominee isn't even running yet. I have this weird feeling that someone's going to come out of nowhere and run away with it, with Karl Rove in the background running the whole campaign.

Vigilante said...

Rick, I recognize you're feeding that Rove-is-ten-feet-tall meme. (I'll have to do something powerful today to exorcise that image from my mind.)

I think Rudy's a 'fatally-flawed' candidate in the general election. He'll be hard-pressed to run away from his post 9-11 statement:

Thank God George Bush is President!"

Not Your Mama said...

Rudy is "fatally flawed" but I think you might be underestimating the chickenhawk retardation of the average republican voter. They love a bully and they love anyone they believe can beat Clinton.

Woozie said...

^ yep. Republican hate for the Clinton name will drive them to vote for anyone who has the best chance of beating Hillary, even if it is the "tough-on-terrorism" Rudy Giuliani who has been attacked by terrorists twice and done nothing about it except hold news conferences.

Terrorism: 2
Giuliani: 0

Republicans are retarded.