Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Assmonkeys Cometh

Barely 24 hours after what was the most definitive speech ever given on race and here come the assmonkeys attempting to chip, chip, chip away at what was possibly the finest example of true statesmanship we will see in this century.

They just can't stand it, not five minutes after Sen. Obama's speech there was the Prince of Assmonkeys, Pat Buchanan, parsing every tidbit through his own personal hateful, racist, sexist fucktard filter on MSNBC. Pat, you might think Rev. Jeremiah Wright hates you but he's your biggest fan compared to what I feel for you. Trust me on that one.

Obama spoke truths that I and millions of other American citizens have known almost since birth, if that was "shocking" or surprising to some then all it points to is how fucking blind and insulated some of you are. When were you planning to wake up? When the anger and violence has destroyed all of us? When we have no nation left to salvage?

Sound extreme? You really think a nation as divided as ours can continue to function effectively while continuing to ignore the needs and feelings of at least a third of its citizens? How the hell has that been working out for us? Looking at the big picture any sane person would have to conclude "not very damned well".

Anyone who didn't "get" the speech or doesn't "get" the bigger picture here, you're probably beyond human help and it's time the rest of us moved on without you because the time for holding back to appease you is past. Sure, "we" could lose the election but I can personally guarentee you this: even if you "win" the election, you lose, in fact we'll all lose. Chew on that fer a while Bubba-heads.

Barack Hussein Obama, yes, I used his middle name because it is a perfectly fine name and there is not a motherfucking thing wrong with it, has given me and mine something we have never had to any great extent, pride in one of our leaders and pride in our country for being able to produce such a person. That is also correct, I said I have never had tremendous pride in my country until now and I am a white middle class woman. My name is not Michelle and I am not running for any office so I will not parse that for you nor will I apologize to a country that's done nothing but try to kick me in the teeth every step up from the bottom. I have more than a slight suspicion there are many others like me out there too so if any of ya'll are thinking this is just a "black issue", think again m'fers.

I could not be prouder of Sen. Obama if he were my own son or father or brother. What he said yesterday reached down into the ugly ball of rage I carry with me every day of my life and I didn't cry that cute little cry so many women manage where a few tears escape while they artfully dab them away from their make-up, no, it was more like the nearly-choking-to-death cry that anyone who has ever felt real pain knows. Make-up be damned.

Yeah babies, it's personal at a level I never thought I'd live to see. I'm just one but our names and faces are many. Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it.


the WIZARD, fkap said...

First and foremost, let me echo your praise of Barrack Obama's speech yesterday. Brilliant!

On to your main point, I never,ever understood MSNBC's hiring of Pat Buchanan. Buchanan is NOT a conservative and never has been one. He is, in fact, an isolationist and christian (small "c") fundamentalist and horribly prejudiced. I always felt left leaning MSNBC hired Buchanan just because he made conservatives look so damned stupid.

Then they hired the inarticulate Tucker Carlson who is also NOT A CONSERVATIVE (he's a self-avowed libertarian with mostly wierd and fuzzy positions).

But, trust me on this one, most Americans, liberal, progressive, moderates and conservatives, were impressed by Barrack Obama's speech. He locked up the Democrat nomination yesterday.

Not Your Mama said...

Oh my, you just hit on exactly what I've been intending to rant about sometime soon...the irresponsibility of MSNBC even putting those clowns on the air.

Hope you're right about the rest, we're in for an incredibly bad ride if not.

R J Adams said...

You both left out the smuggest git of all, in my book, Joe Scarborough, a Florida republican who somehow wangled his way into the House of Representatives for six years. MSNBC apparently hired him to replace Imus, who didn't need replacing, just putting down. Smug Joe jumped on the bandwagon of Jeremiah Wright's YouTube fame, like a rottweiler savaging a rabbit. "God damn America," un-American? Doesn't he realize most of the world is echoing those sentiments right now? Republicans are, without doubt, the party of the non-thinkers in this country, clinging to a long-rotted ideology.
Obama's speech was superb. I've lived in this country six years waiting for one American politician with the guts to stand up and tell America just exactly what their country is really like. And what needs to be done to fix it.
It probably means he has no chance of winning now, but he'll always be a winner in my book. The question remaining: is America always going to insist on being the loser?

Anonymous said...

The speech was astounding, courageous and from the heart.

And so is your post!

Nevada "Hussein" Mojo

Vigilante said...

RJ Adams, don't be going negative on Obama; don't be putting the Adlai Stevenson stamp of hopeless idealist on Obama. Obama is an original article. In fact, if anything, he's over-qualified for office. And, I'll say this to everyone in my hearing now:

It's too late folks. There's no turning back. Obama has been tested, and probably still is being tested. But so are we. America - Americans as a people - we are being tested. We can no longer shirk the assignment history has given us. Nominate and elect Barack Obama. You know it has to be done now. Because if not now, when?

S2 said...

I read Obama's speech (at least I think it was the same one -

One of the science bloggers that I read regularly, who normally avoids any kind of political comment like the plague, put it thus:

"I used to think we’d have to go back to JFK to find Obama’s equal in politics. Now I know better.
We’d have to go back a lot further than that."

I can't argue with that.

You probably already know that McCain has been visiting the UK this week. He didn't come across very well, in my opinion - he was too guarded and defensive, and seemed out of his depth once he wasn't on his native soil.
Probably a step up from Bush (who gives the impression that he doesn't give a "Castlemaine 4X" what any non-US citizen thinks) - but not by much.

I'd personally feel happier if Obama got the nomination (and the Presidency).
Not that my opinion counts - just one outsider's view. :)

Not Your Mama said...

RJ: didn't forget him but I have to be honest in my unpalatable as I find most of his views he is not a complete idiot and occasionally manages to hold a coherent thought. Besides, Mika does a fine job of punching holes in his rhetoric with logic and reason.

On the lefty side, Dan Abrams is barely any less idiotic than Carlson and his "guests" are almost always of the "I'm an airhead" variety. Scarborough gets kept in check by people like Eugene Robinson, John Ridley, Andrea Mitchell etc. so I think we can handle a little opposition.

NV Mojo: ty, been threatening to change my name to Achmed if they don't shut up about this already.

Vigilante: not much to add to that, this is mission critical, anyone under the delusion that this is "just another election" is seriously in denial. We're making a choice for the next several decades at a minimum, possibly much more than that.

S2: if the world could vote in our election I'm certain he would win. As for Bush, he dosen't give a "Castlemaine 4X" what his own citizens think so please don't take it personally. Ditto Cheney. When asked this week by a reporter what was his reaction to the fact that 2/3 of the American public were opposed to our continued presence in Iraq he shrugged and said "so". They don't make them any more arrogant than these two.

dmarks said...

Mr. Wizard: Buchanan is a National Socialist. That is, one who wants the government to control our personal lives (socialism) in the interest in the Fatherland (nationalism).

If the term National Socialist sounds too close to Nazi? So be it.

Just My Thoughts said...

Pat Buchanan is a flaming frigging idiot. I don't care what his politics are. If people think Mr. Obama's pastor Mr. Wright is radical they shold listen to this frigging fool. Anyone who pays serious head to what Buchanan says must be brain damaged. Enough said about that fool.
As far as Joe Scarborough is concerned he is loosing it due to the fact that he is finding out he isn't as tuned in to things as he might have wished. Being a memeber of congress doesn't mean you actually know how people think. We have a whole lot of examples of that.
Next, I'm not sure who I should hammer first Ms. Clinton or Mr. McCain.
I find John McCain to be not very bright. He is an old military man that went through a world of hell for this country. My father probably went through as much hell as a Marine serving in the Pacific. It cost him a leg and a body full of enemy shrapnel. He as well saw his friends die and witnessed the carnage of seeing hundreds of men killed in one place. My point is McCain was in a horrible place. So was my father. And so was every other father, mother, brother, husband, wife or any one else who ever fought any of these wars. It does not make him automaticaly qualified to be president. There are many "Genuine American Heros" out there. McCain acts like he is the only one. I find that offensive to every vetern of a foriegn war I have ever known. I have known many. They are all American heros dead or alive. So McCain has no room to work here, at least as far as I care.
Hillary......uhhhhh no comment.

adynaton said...

Thanks for the link, s2. That was pretty awesome.

Obama's bringing back truth to US politics. I hope it catches on.

Woozie said...

I love how a theme that continually comes up in the Clinton campaign is that she's been tested against the Republican attack machine, yet the Clintons can, and have been, spitting out things that can match or even top the GOP's surrogates.

Regrettably I have yet to see the whole speech. I know, I know, shoot me in the foot. 38 minutes is a long time to set aside for a speech when you've got work to do.

Non-Partisàn said...

The best from Maureen Dowd:

If Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi are the dealmakers, it won’t take Hercule Poirot to figure out who had knives out for Hillary in this “Murder on the Orient Express.”

Al Gore blames Bill Clinton’s trysts with Monica for losing him the White House. He resented sharing the vice presidency with Hillary and sharing the donors and attention with her when she ran for Senate as he ran for president.

“The Clintons will be there when they need you,” said a Carter friend.

If Hillary’s fate falls into the hands of Jimmy, Al and Nancy, the Clinton chickens may come home to roost.

TomCat said...

In my years, I've hears a lot of speeches. In my opinion, only one bested Obama's: "I have a dream."

TomCat said...

and not by much.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh look honey, a whole nest of them. They must be breeding. Don't worry, they will inadvertently destroy each other with their ineptitude.